Stewart Falls

Trail Head Information:

The trail begins at the Aspen Grove trail head

Stewart Falls trail head

Nearest City: Orem, Utah


Difficulty (Endurance): 3 (understand the ratings)stewartfallsaltoverdist

The hike to Stewart Falls is not a difficult hike at all.  There is one portion of the trail as you drop into the actual Stewart Falls Cascades area that is fairly steep.  Over all this trail is suitable for children as young as 3 if they are able to make the 4 mile round trip hike.  Small children may need a helping hand to make the ascent out of the falls area.  If you are prepared to help them Stewart Falls is a great family destination.
Difficult (Technical): 2 (understand the ratings)

The Stewart Falls trail does not require any technical climbing at all.  The trail is a bit rocky on the last half but careful foot placement is all you will need.


IMG_1572Trail Quality: 6 (understand the ratings)

The trail to Stewart falls is well traveled. The trail is clear and easy to follow.  The backside of the trail is a big rocky and does require some care not to twist an ankle. There is no chance of taking a wrong turn or getting lost on this trail.


Crowds: 7 (understand the ratings)

Because Stewart Falls is an easy trail to hike with children and due to the proximity to a University (BYU) it can be a very crowded place.  In addition the falls are located right next to the Sundance Resort. As you can image the crowds can get large.  Go early in the morning or on a Sunday if you wish to avoid large crowds.


Danger: 3 (understand the ratings)

The only danger on the Stewart Falls hike would come from twisting an ankle or if you are crazy / foolish enough to try and climb the falls.  Be smart and you will be safe.IMG_1561

Scenic View: 7 (understand the ratings)

The hike is pleasant.  Stewart Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Utah.  That being said there is not a great deal to look at on the way to Stewart Falls.  If you are not interested in the waterfall being the prized destination then this hike might not be a good choice.


Fear of Heights: 1 (understand the ratings)

There is nothing to fear on the way to Stewart Falls.


Video courtesy of DeLorme Topo V9.0